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Innovative businesses trust Anomoz Softwares

  • Habib University

    Habib University

  • Xperti

    Cormorant Consultating

  • Pakistan Space Science Education Center


  • Pakistan Innovation Foundation


  • The Josh Tours

    The Josh Tours

  • Moin Engineering

    Moin Engineering

  • Vento


  • Fikir Bahcivani

    Fikir Bahcivani

  • Import Lines

    Import Lines

  • SK Tours

    SK Tours

  • Nest IO

    Nest i/o

  • Altin Foods

    Altin Foods

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All kinds of Innovative Solutions.

Our websites to app to plugins to PC based applications, we take care of everything.

Room Management System

A Discussion Room Management System built officially for the Habib University Library has automated the whole paper based system, and has proved more convinent for its users.

Crowd Funding System

A multilingual crowdfunding website built for a Turkey based company. Our manager was sent to Istanbul to manage the development of the software for a period of 1.5 months.

Anomoz Chatting

An updated version of the previous Anomoz. Users can create groups to communite annonymously while being informed of the conversations through push notifications.

Student Exchange Management System

A database management system created using MYSQL and PHP for a Student Exchange System, where different students apply for different opportunities.

YPay - Payment App

An online payment app that allows users to pay through their phone, just like PayPal.

Food Reservation App

A Food reservation app built for a client to allow their users to place meal pre-bookings using the app.

FamiChat - video chatting Application

A video group chatting Android app for family and friends. Contains options of creating and joining a chat. Easy to share urls.


Innovating medical care by introducing symptoms based diagnosis for smart phone users. A mini project available on Playstore.

Compendium for Games

A cross platform software created using Electron is SEGA type compendium where people can play game of their choice. The compendium contains many games and contains the feature to add new games.

Meme Viewer

A cross platform meme viewing software created using Electron that shows memes on your desktop after every 3 seconds. It also downloads new memes from the internet in the background using the google custom search API.

Hotel Management System - Simulation

A simple Hotel-Management-System Simulation that lets you simulate customr check-ins and check-outs. From room number, floor number, to the drinks consumed, it simulates everything.

Paint - Graphic Editor

A graphic editor windows software where you can create different colored rectangles, lines, and dots using your mouse, while using the drag functionality. You can also use mouse and keyboard keys to undo and redo your actions. Created on C++.

Copy Prevention System

A copy prevention system created on python that allows you to sell your closed source software safely, preventing its users from creating further copies and selling them.

Mailbox Flooder

Want to take revenge from your friend by filling their mailbox with emails? Why not try the 'Mailbox flooder' to fill their mailbox with hundreds of emails.

Instagram Hashtag Detector

An Instagram Hashtag Detector that uses Instagram's API to fetch user data using a click of a button. Can be used for Instagram marketing in order to provide incentives to faithful customers. Was built as a marketing strategy for Trashit.

USB Copier

This software without a GUI, created on python, allows you to peek inside a USB in a second and copy all of its contents to your computer.

War Heroes

A single player strategy game where you build an army and fight against your enemies. Aim is to either finish all your enemies or their base. App available on playstore.

DragonBall Zee

This Dragon Ball Z Game is a fighting game where you select one of the three characters to beat all the enemies. Goal is to reach the other end of the map.

The 2-Tank Game

A Multiplayer tank game where you collect powerups and try to defeat your opponents.

Ant Colony Optimization

Solving the Travelling Salesman problem using the Ant Colony Optimization. The goal is to find the shortest tour of the points located on the grid.

Travelling Salesman Problem

Solving the Travelling Salesman problem using the Evolutionary Algorithm. The goal is to find the shortest tour of Qatar while travelling through all cities.

Fuzzy Evaluator

A student evaluation system that calculates course grades and semester GPA based on fuzzy logic. Created for Computational Intelligence course.

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